Stream Bar

Native OS X Twitch Client

What is it?

Stream Bar is a desktop client built natively for OS X. It gives users the ability to watch their favorite channels at any place on their computer. The stream player, by default, sits directly above all other windows. It lives snuggly in the OS X status bar, allowing it to be accessed anywhere at anytime.

Anytime. Anywhere

Convenience is King

No matter what you are doing Stream Bar lets you satisfy your Twitch itch. It tucks itself away directly in the OS X status bar for easy access.

Stream Player

Simple yet powerful

The Stream Bar player can be moved around anywhere between your screens (including full screen applications), resized, and offers a variety of different controls.

Player Controls

  • Transparency slider
  • Follow / unfollow toggle
  • Toggle the channel chat
  • Fully resizable
  • Hidable navigation bar
  • A variety of keyboard shortcuts


Through the Looking Glass

One of Stream Bar's greatest features is the ability to set the player's transparency! Easily set the player's transparency to maximize your screen space.

Always on Top

King of the Hill

By default, the stream player will sit directly on top of other windows or applications in full screen. Stay focused and procrastinate at the same time.

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Not to brag or anything

Ryan Coyle

Project Lead / Lead Developer

Christopher Lepley


TJ Coyle

UX Design, Consultation, and Magic

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